Volunteer Positions

 Start Line – Armed Forces Reserve Center


A first impression is a lasting impression! There are two shift for smiling volunteers to help with race registration and packet pick-up:
Friday, June 12th, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. You will receive instruction at 4:30 prior to the start of your shift.
Saturday, June 13th, from 7:00 to 8:45 a.m. You will receive a brief training at 6:30 prior to starting your shift.

Gear Check-In

How good do dry clothes feel to a sweaty runner after a long race or just a spot to leave your car keys? Words cannot describe the pleasure! A number of runners will bring personal items to bag up for storage. As a volunteer, your job duties include labeling runners’ gear bags with their respective bib numbers, and placing the items in the proper box.

Start Line

Marine Mud Run participants are registered and are now ready for the gun! Volunteers at the start line will help runners line up according to their category. Category signs will be provided for volunteers to hold at the start line for each set of categories.

Race Course Volunteer Positions

Mess Sergeant

Want the undying gratitude of all the runners? Hand out cups of water, gator-aid or a banana to thirsty race participants and they will worship you! This is also a terrific way to showcase your group or organization! Your job is to coordinate the efforts of your mess tent volunteers.

Directional Arrows

V.I.J. !! (Very Important Job!) Can you imagine a runners heading down the wrong path? Yikes! Volunteers are placed at key intersections and corners along the course to hold directional arrows. We certainly don’t want the runners’ missing a turn or get off course! This is a fun job to do with a friend or small group.\

 Finish Line

General Information

All Finish Line Volunteers must check in at the volunteer tent.
Please wear your volunteer T-shirt so you can be easily recognized as an esteemed member of the Mud Run Volunteer Team!

Runner Support

Critical information: first and foremost, allow members of the Red Cross and Medical Support Staff to evaluate runners’ needs for medical attention. If all is okay, your job is to provide very grateful runners with water or Gatorade.

Spectator Control – Security

Spectators are NOT, repeat NOT, allowed on the field. Did I mention that spectators are NOT allowed on the field? Okay, now that we’ve got that straight, we’ve just got to remind the spectators of this cardinal rule! Your job is to keep friends, family, cheering squads, anyone who does not have a Mud Run bib, in their designated areas.


Hurrah! We get to honor the fastest in the pack! Volunteers will help to determine event winners and distribute medals.

Gear Pick-Up

How do you make hot, tired, and sore runners happy after a race? Hand them their bags of personal belongings. Add a smile and “congratulations” and you’ll be a hero! Volunteers man the Gear Check-in/Pick-Up station and hand out the bagged items. These bags were labeled with each runner’s bib number at the start of the race.